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Friday, 31 January 2014

Brett's Worthless Tat #2/Unlikely Stuff I've Found At The Local Car Boot Sale #2: Amy from Congo

Check out this adorable cuddly toy based on the loveable 'talking' gorilla Amy from the 1995 action adventure film Congo—surely one of the bestselling toys of the year.

Not quite….

Although the film was a modest success at the box office, it's violent content hardly made it suitable viewing for kiddies and so Amy didn't exactly fly off the shelves—which is probably why I was able to purchase this particular item the following year at a car boot sale for a mere six pounds.

Sadly, I don't think it was much of an investment: unless the film has a legion of avid fans that I am completely unaware of—people who might possibly get in a bidding war if I were to ever put this item on ebay—I imagine that it probably isn't worth any more than I paid for it (not that I would sell it anyway… I have a soft spot for the film, as silly as it is, and kinda like the fact that I own one of its ill-considered pieces of merchandising).

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