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Friday, 10 January 2014

Brett's Horror Movie Books #2: Video Trash & Treasures Volumes I & II

Presenting two more of my dog-eared movie reference books—Video Trash & Treasures I & II by L.A. Morse (1989/1990)—each packed with more than enough horror titles to appeal to the serious scary movie fan, as well as musings on a wide variety of trash cinema.

I picked up these paperbacks in the U.S. in the pre-internet days of the early 90s; sadly, writer L.A. Morse could really have done with the worldwide web at his fingertips, his enjoyable reviews suffering from a lack of decent background info, with some entries even missing the year and director's name.

Still, the sheer range of titles listed make these books useful additions to any cult/horror movie fan's collection: neatly arranged in themed 'film festivals', Volume 1 covers Creature Features, Supernatural movies, Slashers and Fantasy adventures, while volume 2 presents violent action flicks, sleazy exploitation and thrillers, plus a not-so-relevant section on unusual comedies and dramas.

Essentiality rating: 7/10. Nice to dip into from time to time.
Comprehensiveness: 5/10 — A few more volumes were needed to make the whole project feel complete.
Pretentiousness: 2/10 — Morse doesn't over analyse the films, which is nice.
Pics: None. At all. Whatsoever.   

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