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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Brett's Worthless Tat #1: Old concert tickets

While rummaging around for some insurance documents the other day I discovered a small plastic bag containing old concert/gig/festival tickets, most hailing from a time before I even had insurance documents. Looking at them brought back some great memories of drunken nights moshing, head-banging, stage-diving and crowd-surfing; even though I'm now way too old for that sort of energetic (and potentially crippling) malarkey, finding the tickets has made me vow to try and see some more bands now that my kids are at the age where they can appreciate good live music (I took Thora to see Green Day at Reading Festival last year and she had a blast!).
Not that I imagine anyone will be interested in my worthless old tickets, but here they are in all their beer and Jack Daniels soaked glory…

Meatloaf — Wembley Arena, London March 1st 1987. Support act: Shy

This concert took place on my 19th birthday: melodic rock band Shy were a great support act; Meatloaf's excellent performance was recorded and later used as part of a live album. I'm on there somewhere…

Bon Jovi — Milton Keynes National Bowl August 19th 1989. Other bands: Europe, Vixen, Skid Row

Now this was a fantastic day—Jovi at the height of their fame, fellow New Jersey rockers Skid Row's first UK appearance, all-female band Vixen, and Europe doing The Final Countdown! All that and Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and Joe Perry joining Jovi for a rendition of 'Walk This Way'.


Monsters of Rock 1990 — Donington Park August 18th 1990 Line-up: Whitesnake, Aerosmith, Poison, Quireboys, Thunder

My first Monsters of Rock. Wasn't a huge Whitesnake fan, but I loved Aerosmith, and was also a big fan of Poison. All that for just £20!!!


Monsters of Rock 1991 — Donington Park August 17th 1991 Line-up: AC/DC, Metallica, Mötley Crüe, Queensrÿche, The Black Crowes

AC/DC, Metallica, and two bands with umlauts in their names. It doesn't get much more heavy metal than that! I remember taking in a big wine bag, getting very pissed, and the sky raining with bottles of dubious looking liquid during Metallica's set. Have a very vague memory of Mötley Crüe. Wasn't a massive fan of Queensrÿche or AC/DC at the time, so didn't pay a whole lot of attention to either (the headliner's firework display was impressive though).

Lawnmower Deth — The Agincourt, Camberley Sept 22nd 1991

Don't remember much about this one. Probably very drunk.


Bon Jovi — Wembley Arena, London May 14th 1993. Support act: Rockhead

I was a big fan of Bon Jovi but I remember being very underwhelmed by this particular concert, possibly because the venue is one of my least favourite. As for the support… who the hell are Rockhead? 

Love/Hate — The Astoria, London July 24th 1993. Support act: Mind Bomb

A great double bill from two excellent bands. Sadly, Mind Bomb never made it big—in fact, I think they split up after one album.


Aerosmith — Wembley Arena December 8th 1993. Support act: Mr. Big

Great band, but Wembley Arena just didn't do them justice. Can't say I cared for Mr. Big either.

PWEI —Guildford Civic Hall March 9th 1994. Support act: Blaggers ITA

Can't remember a thing about the support act—probably in the bar. I think this was the gig that saw PWEI coming onto the stage later than expected giving me plenty of time to get absolutely bladdered. Cue lots of drunken stage-diving…

Inspiral Carpets — The Astoria, London March 18th 1994. Support act: Shed Seven

Despite being more of a metal/rock fan, this indie gig from 1994 is amongst my favourites, thanks to a copious amount of alcohol and plenty of crowd-surfing. Still have my 'Cool as f**k' t-shirt somewhere. 

Senser — The Astoria, London May 12th 1994. Special guests: ???

Haven't the foggiest about the guests (or what the hell the Fruit Salad Light Show was), but Senser were excellent. 


PWEI —Brixton Academy, London Oct 21st 1994. Support act: ???

I fell from head height and cracked a rib while stage-diving (probably because I was drunk). That's about all I remember (again, probably because I was drunk). 


Senser — The Forum, Kentish Town, London  Nov 26th 1994. Support act: Skunk Anansie

I'm sure this gig was postponed to early-'95. It was worth the wait, though: Skunk Anansie were a great support band but Senser were brilliant. A bargain at only £7.50 a ticket.

Assorted tickets:

Yes, that is a ticket for Gary Glitter's Gang Show (with support from Girlschool!)—what can I say? I didn't know…

Two tickets for Megadeth from '91 and '92. Support from The Almighty, classic grunge act Alice In Chains, and thrashers Pantera.

Status Quo supported by Dumpy's Rusty Nuts.

Meatloaf at Wembley Arena 1993. Support act: Haven't the foggiest

David Lee Roth and Warrant at Wembley Arena 1991. Dave puts on a good show—unfortunately, my seat was about as far from the stage as possible.

More assorted tickets: 

Cinderella and Slaughter at Odeon Hammersmith 1991. A great double bill of hair metal.

Meatloaf and support (???) Odeon Hammersmith 1988

'90s Indie band Gene — Brighton University

Wembley Arena wristbands:

(l to r) Aerosmith '93, Bon Jovi '93, KISS (21/5/1992)

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