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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Brett's Horror Movie Books #5: My Alien/Aliens collection

Had a root around in my book collection and dug out these treasures that were published when the films first came out...

Alien, the illustrated story: an excellent full colour comic-book adapatation of the original Alien movie, with lots of dynamic illustrations.

Alien, Movie Novel: These kind of books were very popular in the 70s, with the entire story told with stills from the film. Many of these were normal paperback novel size, but the format for this one was larger allowing for bigger pictures.

The Book of Alien: This behind-the-scenes book features brilliant production sketches and photos and is highly recommended for serious Alien fans (if you can find a reasonably priced copy!).

Aliens—The Official Movie Book: The movie companion book, full of glossy photos and articles about the movie. It also has eight posters inside (which I never took out and are still in perfect condition).

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